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Advanced Wildlife Expeditions


These expeditions include everything featured in our other guided tours but with determined focus on discovering rarely seen wildlife!


  • Discover species like flamingos, manatees, owls, and alligators in the wild!

  • Search for elusive and rarely seen species like orchids, crocodiles, and Indigos!

  • Get to experience biking, hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling expeditions!


Private Parties | By Reservation

Invasive Reptile Expeditions


Search for both nocturnal and diurnal species of reptiles on a 1 day trip throughout the whole of South Florida!


  • Hunt for boa constrictors, pythons, and chameleons at night!

  • Chase after iguanas, agamas, basilisks, and tokay geckos, during the day!

  • Get the local experience and knowledge of South Florida's best herpetologists!


Herpers Only | By Reservation


Guided Birding in the Everglades


Search for rarely seen and elusive birds in the Florida Everglades with wildlife biologist Chris Gillette!


  • Hunt for brilliantly colorded kranes, scarlet Ibis, snail kites and pink flamingos! 

  • Learn about the different species and their enviroment, we even have some secret spots for serious birders ; ).

  • Cruise along trails with specially outfitted mountain bikes and gear!


Reservation Only

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