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Crocodilians: Presentations & Training

With wildlife biologist Christopher Gillette

Crocodilian Presentations

Lectures, Photography, and Training

These classes range from lectures to field actual field experience where you'll be spending time underwater with tigers, bulls, and many other species of shark. Safety training class is required before field training with sharks in the wild. 

Wild Crocodilian Underwater Photography:

A Photographic Experience

Alligators and crocodiles are perfectly adapted to hunting and surviving in aquatic environments and have been doing so for over 200 million years. Learn about their amazing adaptions and abilities, as well as first-hand stories of sharing the open water with these powerful predators in the wild. 

Crocodilian Behavior, Training and Techniques

PPT and Detailed Information

As a professional alligator "wrestler" I will discuss the biology and physical abilities of these animals, their impressive mental capabilities, handling techniques, and training techniques. See photos that completely defy public ideas of how these animals "should" behave and learn how such work is possible in a safe and respectable manner. I will break down and explain wild behaviors and how they apply to captivity, along with techniques that promote the safety and well-being of both animal and trainer.  With over a decade of hands-on experience with alligators and experience with eleven other species of crocodilian, I would like to share the knowledge and respect these powerful animals have taught me over the years.

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