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Guest Lectures & University Programs

With wildlife biologist Christopher Gillette

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Invasive Reptiles and Amphibians  of Florida

Photographs, PPT, and Specimens

Invasive species are a major issue in Florida with reptiles and amphibians making up the bulk of invasive creatures the public is likely to see or hear about. We will discern fact from fiction and explore the unique situations presented by this issue, as well as invasion pathways, environmental effects, and how to move forward with this unique issue.

Native Reptiles and Amphibians  of Florida

Photographs, PPT, and Specimens

The sunshine state is home to a diversity of native herpetofauna, and quite a few exotic interlopers! Learn about a selection of the fascinating and beautiful herps that call Florida home with denizens as varied as the eastern indigo snake, two-toed amphiuma, and American crocodile. 

Crocodilian Behavior Training

Photographs, PPT, and Specimens

As a professional alligator "wrestler" I will discuss the biology and physical abilities of these animals, their impressive mental capabilities, handling techniques, and training techniques. See photos that completely defy public ideas of how these animals "should" behave and learn how such work is possible in a safe and respectable manner. I will break down and explain wild behaviors and how they apply to captivity, along with techniques that promote the safety and well-being of both animal and trainer.  With over a decade of hands-on experience with alligators and experience with eleven other species of crocodilian, I would like to share the knowledge and respect these powerful animals have taught me over the years.

Everglades Wildlife

Photographs, PPT, and Specimens

This presentation will show a beautiful selection of the incredible creatures that call the sunshine state home. Alligators, birds, bears, and everything in between.

Invasive Species of Florida

Photographs, PPT, and Specimens

Florida is a hot zone for invasive species with more nonnative wildlife per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. With numerous academic publications in the subject of invasive species biology, allow me to share my field experience of python hunting, tegu tracking, lionfish collection and chameleon documentation. Invasive species have been declared as the leading cause of native species extinction after deforestation and understanding this complex issue has become a necessity for any biology student or environmentally oriented person. We will discuss the invasion pathways, environmental effects, and how to move forward with this unique issue.   

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