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Dive with sharks off the Florida coast!

Join me on a shark dive aboard a local charter out of the West Palm area. Depending on time of year, site, and conditions we may see bull sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, silky sharks, sandbar sharks, goliath groupers, and whatever else the ocean might throw at us!! These dives are the real deal, no cage, getting in the water with these incredible predators. Safety is a top priority and we will discuss proper techniques & rules prior to diving and we will be working with experienced and knowledgeable staff. These trips can be tailored towards scuba diving or free diving and snorkeling depending on the abilities of the guest. We have had several tours where it was the guest's first time even snorkeling so all skill levels are welcome! Tours can be half day, full day, private or mixed, and professional photo packages can be added on where I will take quality photos of you on your dive. Send me an email for pricing and booking availability!!


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