Baby Bird Rescue

Written by Chris Gillette, photos by Filipe Deandrade and Mckenzie Barney

While diving in Cocos National Park, Costa Rica, I had just surfaced from a very successful dive at 90ft filming a tiger shark and a few Galapagos sharks. A large Galapagos shark had followed me up to the surface and slowly made circles a few feet below me. As I handed my scuba gear up to Pepe the skiff driver he told me a baby booby (species of bird) had fallen from its nest not far from me and the bird was swimming around. The baby birds often fall from the cliff edge and quickly become shark bait unfortunately. Being a wildlife filmmaker I have seen the harsh reality of nature a few times and swam over in the direction of the bird to try to film it before it became a shark’s lunch. The white and fluffy baby bird was swimming in circles and the 10ft Galapagos shark that had followed me up was also circling. I recorded a little footage of the baby booby swimming but was more focused on looking down for the large shark since I was also now floating