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VIP Tours


VIP Rescue Tour

Up close with tigers, gators, and more
  • VIP tour at the Everglades Outpost with an airboat ride and tour of the Everglades Alligator Farm. I have volunteered at the Everglades Outpost over the last ten years and worked at the Everglades Alligator Farm performing their gator shows for several years, they're both amazing facilities that epitomize south Florida animal adventures!

  • At the outpost I will lead an up close and personal walkthrough of the facility where I will interact with some of the rescue animals and explain their stories. This includes a special panther talk, private alligator show, croc feeding demonstration, and you will have the chance to feed tigers, Chewy the camel, Swiper the fox, and alligators! 

  • We will check out the snake room and see rattlesnakes, cobras, as well as other reptiles up-close and discuss the particulars of their venoms and behaviours.

  • Throughout each encounter I will be explaining information on the biology and natural history of each animal as well as their personal stories at the rescue. Some animals you can touch, some you cannot so listen closely. Due to the fact we will be behind the scenes and in close proximity to many potentially dangerous animals I must maintain that we have very clear communication and that you do not touch anything unless told it is safe. You are free to take photos and videos the entire time and flash photography is permitted.  

  • After the outpost we will head to the alligator farm just 5mins down the road for an airboat ride. This is a very exciting boat ride with exciting 360 spins and speed! And lots of wild alligators! After the boat ride I will show you around the park's exhibits where we will see many more alligators, crocodiles, parrots & emus, and more animals. After the farm we can stop at the Robert Is Here fruit stand for the best milkshakes in south Florida! 

  • This tour runs approximately 3-4hrs and costs $200 per person with a max of 5 people in a group. If you'd like me to take professional photos during the tour it is an extra  $100 per person

  • *Disclaimer*

  • IF any of the animals does not want to eat, or is becoming stressed out, we will move on to the next animal. Although this rarely happens, our first priority is the safety and well being of our residents. We thank you for your understanding of this. 

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