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With Gator Boys' TV star, Ashley Lawrence and wildlife biologist Chris Gillette


Invasive Reptiles and Amphibians  of Florida

Photographs, PPT, and Specimens

Invasive species are a major issue in Florida with reptiles and amphibians making up the bulk of invasive creatures the public is likely to see or hear about. We will discern fact from fiction and explore the unique situations presented by this issue, as well as invasion pathways, environmental effects, and how to move forward with this unique issue.

Native Reptiles and Amphibians  of Florida

Photographs, PPT, and Specimens

The sunshine state is home to a diversity of native herpetofauna, and quite a few exotic interlopers! Learn about a selection of the fascinating and beautiful herps that call Florida home with denizens as varied as the eastern indigo snake, two-toed amphiuma, and American crocodile. 

Classroom: Exotic Wildlife Presentations

With TV Star Ashley Lawrence

Let Gator Boys' TV Star Ashley Lawrence and naturalist Chris Gillette take your students on an exciting and captivating journey through one of the most beautiful collections of wildlife in Florida! This show is performed at school locations and features animals such as alligators, snakes, birds, turtles, frogs, spiders, and much much more!

  • 1 Hour per class

  • $100 for 1 class

  • $150 for 2 classes

  • $200 for 3 classes

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Live animal presentations have a focus on reptiles and use a core group of tame and habituated animals to discuss a variety of topics. The dialogue will shift with whichever topic is meant to be the focus, such as their role in Florida ecology, general biology and adaptations of reptiles of Florida, and the invasive reptiles of Florida. All presentations include each of these topics but will delve deeper into whichever the instructor prefers. The animals that will be brought will be a juvenile red-bellied slider, juvenile snapping turtle, adult snapping turtle, Argentine black and white tegu lizard, scarlet kingsnake, yellow ratsnake, ball python, and a large python, either jungle carpet python or olive python. Additional props include a large alligator skull, alligator teeth, osteoderms, large turtle shell, python skull, and rattlesnake rattle. Students will have the opportunity to pet a python and see each live animal up close and personal, as well as touching/holding each of the props(excluding python skull and rattlesnake rattle). Presentations can be adjusted to fit into a class schedule but are recommended to range from 50 minutes to 1hr and 20 minutes, although we will work with your schedule.

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