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Wildlife Photography: Presentations & Training

With wildlife biologist Christopher Gillette

Wildlife Photography Presentations

Lectures, Seminars, and Field Training

These classes range from lectures to field actual field experience where you'll be spending time underwater with tigers, bulls, and many other species of shark. Safety training class is required before field training with sharks in the wild. 

Shark Photography:

A Photographic Experience

See beautiful and up close photos of Great Whites, Tigers, Bulls, and many more species in their natural habitats. Learn about the incredible biology and ecological value of these misunderstood animals as well as the exhilarating stories behind the photos. These photos are taken in the wild and often taken freediving on one breathe of air while surrounded by sharks. 

Wild Crocodilian Underwater Photography:

A Photographic Experience

Alligators and crocodiles are perfectly adapted to hunting and surviving in aquatic environments and have been doing so for over 200 million years. Learn about their amazing adaptions and abilities, as well as first-hand stories of sharing the open water with these powerful predators in the wild. 

Everglades Underwater Photography:

A Photographic Experience

A topic few have experienced or seen, witness the river of grass through the eyes of an alligator with stunning underwater shots of gators, fish, snakes, and many more. A diverse habitat with stunning underwater beauty, this is how the glades were meant to be seen.

Reptiles Underwater Photography:

A Photographic Experience

Alligators, crocodiles, turtles, and snakes photographed in the wild in their aquatic environments. Many of these species incite wonder or fear when on land, see what it is like to share their habitats in the water.

Underwater Predator Photography:

A Photographic Experience

Sharks. Snakes. Crocodiles and alligators. This presentation will cultivate respect and admiration for these predators, while also including the sometimes harrowing experiences that accompany each up-close shot. Learn about what makes these creatures such effective aquatic predators and see incredible photography of these animals in the wild.

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