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Wildlife Photography Expeditions



Our wildlife photography expeditions are spectacular, and as far as we know, the only expedition of it's kind! Whether you're and experienced photographer looking to use your macro lense, or a vacationer looking to experience what it's like to be a rough and rugged wildlife photographer, it's an exciting trip for everyone! You'll spend your days on the coral reef looking for creatures like octopus, sea horses, and sea turtles, and at night you'll be hunting for rare and elusive nocturnal reptiles, bugs, and owls! Led by one of our wildlife field biologists you'll be sure to come across some amazing creatures!

  • Up to 8 people

  • Bikers bring their own water

  • Rain ponchos provided by us

  • Trips can be re-scheduled due to inclement weather

  • See terms and conditions for more information





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22700 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33194


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